Marshall JTM 45 Reissue for Sale

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Marshall JTM 45 Reissue for Sale

Postby Marshallman » Wed Aug 24, 2005 9:08 am

If anyone is interested, I have, what I believe to be, an early 1990s
Marshall JTM 45 Reissue for sale. It's in very good to excellent condition
with one small tolex tear on one corner, and a small cut in the tolex
on the rear cabinet lip. This would be perfect for upgrading with a
point to point board, and a new output transformer. I'm not a true tone
guru, but this amp sounds good to me as is. But I'm sure the above
mentioned upgrades would turn it into an excellent example of an
authentic JTM 45. It currently has Russian made Reflektor KT-66
output tubes installed. I was told that this is the factory that makes the
GT KT-66s. I will also send a used pair of Valve Art KT-66s.
I'll be happy to e-mail photos, but I'll be away starting today, 8/24/05,
for about two weeks, and won't be able to respond to e-mail until after
9/10/05. I'm cocentrating on upgrading my Marshall 1959 SLP reissue
and finding original parts for my 1974 Ampeg V-2, so I could use the
money. I'm asking $750.00 plus shipping, which should be around
$25.00 - $30.00. Please PM me or e-mail me at
Eric Weissberg
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