Jet City JCA 100 6l6 to el34

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Jet City JCA 100 6l6 to el34

Postby alpacino2368 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:53 pm

Hey guys I'm new to this forum and I heard it has some of tthe best amp tech ppeople oon the net and I'm sure that will hold true on this post. Anyways I recently acquired a jet city jca100 and I have heard some demos of it running el34 tubes and like the sound alot better unfortunately though it is not just a bias adjustment for it to run it properly without redplating and some mods need to be done to tthe ampbut I'm not quite sure exactly what. Now I'm thinking I have to change the resistor in the screen from a 470 to a 1k aand possibly replace the ot or adjist the range of the bias or adjust the pinsbut I think their is more to it and I was hoping to get some more expertise. Thanks.
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