DIY Orange Tiny Terror

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DIY Orange Tiny Terror

Postby jgab » Tue May 12, 2009 5:45 pm

I was wondering if anyone has built a successful Tiny Terror? If so, do you have any sound clips? I saw a post on this forum for a TT build, but there is nothing written on the final product? I also had a look at the posted layout and there appears to be some mistakes. The mistakes are a lack of ground switching on the input jact, pins 1 & 2 on V2 reversed and the post-PI MV doesn't look right. Also the component spacing on the board is not right. They should not be equally spaced like that.

I also don't really understand how the half power switch works. It appears to be taking two different taps from the PT to get two different B+ voltages.

If anyone has a working DIY Tiny Terror, then I would like to know how it sounds and how it worked out.

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